Jobs in Tv Production  & Salary Info

1. Director

The creative overseer. It’s the director’s job to visualise the script and to bring together the work of everyone in the production – actors or participants, camera, lighting, sound, art and costume teams – to realise that vision.

2. Producer

This is a more organisational role than the director. The producer oversees all parts of a production, from securing the rights to a script, to agreeing a budget, to organising filming schedules, to assessing the editor’s cuts.

3. Camera operator

Camera operators are hands-on with the filming equipment, moving and angling cameras to get the right shot. They may have a camera script, which tells you which shots to take, or they may be able to exercise their judgement and creativity in choosing their shots. A camera operator will typically start out working as a camera assistant, who helps set up the equipment for the camera operator.

4. Cinematographer

The cinematographer is the head of the camera and lighting crews. This role involves working closely with the director to produce the desired visual effect by selecting the right camera, film stock and lenses, and shaping the shots taken by the camera operator. Digital formats are widely used both for TV, video and feature films, but some productions are still shot using traditional film stock.

5. Sound mixer

Sound mixers maintain and operate sound recording equipment. They’re responsible for recording all the sound for the production, and then, in post-production, collating and mixing the audio content and creating certain sound effects themselves. The boom operator also works on the sound team, holding a microphone on a pole (the ‘boom mic’) as close to people speaking as possible while keeping it out of frame. Sound assistants help with setting up and maintaining equipment, check mic placements and work as second mixers/boom operators when needed.

6. Editor

In post-production, the editor takes the visual footage, the sound mixer’s audio and other elements and works with the director to cut and shape them into the finished product.

Salary Info

The Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) publishes annual salary surveys each year.

TV Salaries
News Director$95,600$82,000$18,000$300,000
Assistant News Director74,40065,000 27,000  190,000 
Managing Editor65,200  65,00026,000  145,000 
Executive Producer60,700  60,00025,000  140,000
News Anchor90,500  70,00018,000  737,500
Weathercaster70,900  58,00018,000 300,000 
Sports Anchor60,800 45,00017,000  300,000 
News Reporter40,100 32,00016,000  201,500 
Sports Reporter35,90030,00019,000  120,000 
Assignment Editor40,600  38,00018,00080,000 
News Producer35,100  32,00018,000  86,000 
News Writer34,800  30,00015,000  79,000 
News Assistant30,000  30,00014,000  50,000 
Photographer34,900  30,00012,000  175,000 
Tape Editor31,800  27,50016,000  76,000 
Graphics Specialist33,200  29,000 11,000 76,000 
Web/Mobile Writer37,900 37,50020,000 73,000
Web/Mobile Prod/Ed42,400 37,50018,000 83,000
Art Director47,800  45,00027,000  68,000