Beetlejuice is a 1988 American fantasy horror comedy film[2][3] directed by Tim Burton


In Winter River, Connecticut, Barbara and Adam Maitland decide to spend their vacation decorating their idyllic country home. As they are driving home from a trip to town, Barbara swerves to avoid a dog, and the car plunges into the river. After returning home, she and Adam notice they now lack reflections and find a Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

They begin to suspect they did not survive the car accident. When Adam attempts to leave the house, he ends up in a strange and otherworldly desert-like landscape populated by enormous sandworms. The encounter lasts only a few seconds for him, but after being rescued by Barbara, she claims that he was gone for two hours.

The house is sold, and the new owners, the Deetz family, arrive from New York City. Charles Deetz is a former real estate developer; his second wife Delia is a self-proclaimed sculptor; and his teenage goth daughter Lydia, from his first marriage, is an aspiring photographer. Under the guidance of interior designer Otho, the family transforms the house into a pastel-toned work of postmodern art.




Consulting the Handbook, the Maitlands travel to an otherworldly waiting room populated by other distressed souls where they discover the afterlife is structured according to a complex bureaucracy involving vouchers and caseworkers. The Maitlands’ caseworker Juno informs them they must remain in the house for the next 125 years on the pain of a dire fate. If they want the Deetzes out of the house, it is up to the Maitlands to scare them away.

Although Adam and Barbara remain invisible to Charles and Delia, Lydia can see the ghost couple and befriends them. Against Juno’s advice, the Maitlands contact the miscreant Beetlejuice, Juno’s former assistant and a now freelance “bio-exorcist”, to scare away the Deetzes.

However, Beetlejuice quickly offends the Maitlands with his crude and morbid demeanor: they reconsider hiring him, though too late to stop him from wreaking havoc on the Deetzes. The small town’s charm and the supernatural events inspire Charles to pitch his boss Maxie Dean on transforming the town into a tourist hot spot, but Maxie wants proof of the ghosts. Using the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, Otho conducts what he thinks is a séance and summons Adam and Barbara, using their wedding clothes, but they begin to age and decay as Otho had unwittingly performed an exorcism instead.

Horrified, Lydia summons Beetlejuice for help; but he will only help her on the condition that she marries him, enabling him to freely cause chaos in the mortal world. He saves the Maitlands and disposes of Maxie, his wife, and Otho, then prepares a wedding before a ghastly minister. The Maitlands intervene before the ceremony is completed, with Barbara riding a sandworm through the house to devour Beetlejuice.

Finally, the Deetzes and Maitlands agree to live in harmony within the house. Beetlejuice is stuck in the after-life waiting room. He steals a number ticket from a witch doctor who shrinks his head in return.

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While the setting is the fictional village of Winter River, Connecticut, all outdoor scenes were filmed in East Corinth, a village in the town of Corinth, Vermont.[21] Interiors were filmed at The Culver Studios in Culver City, California. Principal photography began on March 11, 1987.

News Flash -Beetle Juice 2 – Coming in 2024


Beetlejuice 2


Beetlejuice 2
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Beetlejuice 2 is an upcoming American fantasy comedy film directed by Tim Burton from a screenplay by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, based on a story by Seth Grahame-Smith. The film is the sequel to Beetlejuice (1988) and stars Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Catherine O’Hara, Jenna Ortega, Monica Bellucci, and Willem Dafoe.

Beetlejuice 2 is set to be theatrically released on September 6, 2024, by Warner Bros. Pictures.




In 1990, Tim Burton hired Jonathan Gems to write a Beetlejuice sequel titled Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian.[1] “Tim thought it would be funny to match the surfing backdrop of a beach movie with some sort of German Expressionism, because they’re totally wrong together,” Gems said.[2] The story followed the Deetz family moving to Hawaii, where Charles is developing a resort. They soon discover that his company is building on the burial ground of an ancient Hawaiian Kahuna. The spirit comes back from the afterlife to cause trouble, and Beetlejuice becomes a hero by winning a surf contest with magic. Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder agreed to do the film, on the condition that Burton directed, but both he and Keaton became distracted with Batman Returns.[2]

Burton was still interested in Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian in early 1991. Impressed with Daniel Waters‘ work on Heathers, Burton approached him for a rewrite. However, he eventually signed Waters to write the script for Batman Returns.[3] By August 1993, producer David Geffen hired Pamela Norris (Troop Beverly Hills, Saturday Night Live) to rewrite.[4] Warner Bros. approached Kevin Smith in 1996 to rewrite the script, though Smith turned down the offer in favor of Superman Lives. Smith later joked that his response was “Didn’t we say all we needed to say in the first Beetlejuice? Must we go tropical?”[5] In March 1997, Gems released a statement saying “The Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian script is still owned by The Geffen Company and it will likely never get made. You really couldn’t do it now anyway. Winona is too old for the role, and the only way they could make it would be to totally recast it.”[2]

I don’t wanna be the guy that destroys the legacy and the memory of the first film; I would rather die. I would rather just not make it, I’d rather just throw the whole thing away than make something that pays no respect and doesn’t live up even close to the legacy of the first film.

—Seth Grahame-Smith (writer)[6]

In September 2011, Warner Bros. hired Seth Grahame-Smith, who collaborated with Burton on Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, to write and produce a sequel to Beetlejuice.[7] Grahame-Smith signed on with the intention of doing “a story that is worthy of us actually doing this for real, something that is not just about cashing in, is not just about forcing a remake or a reboot down someone’s throat.” He was also adamant that Keaton would return and that Warner Bros. would not recast the role. Burton and Keaton had not officially signed on but would return if the script was good enough.[8] Grahame-Smith met with Keaton in February 2012, “We talked for a couple of hours and talked about big picture stuff. It’s a priority for Warner Bros. It’s a priority for Tim. [Michael’s] been wanting to do it for 20 years and he’ll talk to anybody about it who will listen.”[9] The story would be set in a real time frame from 1988; “This will be a true 26 or 27 years later sequel. What’s great is that for Beetlejuice [sic], time means nothing in the afterlife, but the world outside is a different story.”[6]

In November 2013, Ryder hinted at a possible return for the sequel as well by saying, “I’m kind of sworn to secrecy but it sounds like it might be happening. It’s 27 years later. And I have to say, I love Lydia Deetz so much. She was such a huge part of me. I would be really interested in what she is doing 27 years later.” Ryder confirmed that she would only consider making a sequel if Burton and Keaton were involved.[10] In December 2014, Burton stated, “It’s a character that I love and I miss actually working with Michael. There’s only one Betelgeuse. We’re working on a script and I think it’s probably closer than ever and I’d love to work with him again.”[11] In January 2015, writer Grahame-Smith told Entertainment Weekly that the script was finished and that he and Burton intended to start filming Beetlejuice 2 by the end of the year, and that both Keaton and Ryder would return in their respective roles.[12] In August 2015, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Ryder confirmed she would be reprising her role in the sequel.[13] In May 2016, Burton stated, “It’s something that I really would like to do in the right circumstances, but it’s one of those films where it has to be right. It’s not a kind of a movie that cries out [for a sequel], it’s not the Beetlejuice trilogy. So it’s something that if the elements are right—because I do love the character and Michael’s amazing as that character, so yeah we’ll see. But there’s nothing concrete yet.”[14] In October 2017, Mike Vukadinovich was hired to re-write the script.[15] In April 2019, Warner Bros. stated the sequel had been shelved.[16]


In February 2022, a sequel was announced again, this time produced by Brad Pitt‘s studio Plan B Entertainment, alongside Warner Bros.[17] Burton stated in October 2022 that he was not involved in the project, but backtracked days later, saying “nothing is out of the question”.[18] In March 2023, it was reported by Variety that Jenna Ortega, who previously worked with Burton on the Netflix series Wednesday, was in talks to play Lydia’s daughter,[19][20] while Burton was now expected to direct the film.[21] In May, Danny Elfman announced he was returning to compose the score for the sequel, while it was also revealed Ortega was confirmed to star, and Wednesday creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar wrote the script.[22] Justin Theroux and Willem Dafoe would also be added to the cast, in undisclosed roles.[23][24] Catherine O’Hara reprises her role as Delia Deetz, as well as Monica Bellucci joining the cast as Betelgeuse’s wife.[25] Colleen Atwood, a frequent collaborator of Burton, was announced to be working on the costume design for the film.[26]


Filming was originally scheduled to begin in mid-2022.[27][28] Later, it was delayed to an expected start date of May 10, 2023, taking place in London if the 2023 WGA strike did not lead to another delay in production.[29][30] Production was officially confirmed to have begun the following day,[24] with Haris Zambarloukos serving as cinematographer.[31] On May 18, 2023, it was reported that filming was taking place around the Princess Helena College in Preston, Hertfordshire, England.[32][33] Exterior filming took place in East Corinth, Vermont (the location of the original movie’s outdoor scenes), in mid-2023.[34]


Beetlejuice 2 is set to be theatrically released on September 6, 2024, by Warner Bros. Pictures.[35]