Boston Ghost Stores

The City of Boston Massachusetts was founded in 1630, before the Witch trails of Salem Massachusetts

There have been numerous ghost stories of places where hauntings have been noted.  One very famous place is the Omni Parker House (Hotel) on Tremont Street in Boston. Guests as well as staff have experienced strange happenings. On several occassions in Room 1012, a gentleman has been seen dressed in period garments of the late 18700’s standing at the end of their bed.

The gentleman sported a large grin, as if he was asking “Are you enjoying your stay?”  Other incidents have been noted, closet doors slowly close by themselves, water faucets in the bathrooms turn on. Feelings of being watched, and also cold spots in certain hallways and rooms. This is only one of many places in Boston that have beenseen as haunted places to visit.

Another noteable place of strange happenings is the Boston Commons. On that very site in the 1600’s, several people have been hung. This may have been due to controvery regarding religious beliefs. In the present time, there have been ghostly appearations seen late at night, walking along the footpaths. Women in period apparel, men with top hats and walking sticks. As soon as they appear, they vanish. People rub their eyes in disbelief. The list of places goes on and on. There are numerous historical books on Boston that you may find of interest. Check them out online.

please allow us to share some Halloween ghost stores with you

Story #1 Lady in Black at Fort Warren

The most famous ghost of the Harbor is the Lady in Black at Fort Warren, seven miles out to sea on George’s Island.

Legend has it that in 1862, Mrs. Melanie Lanier came to the fort from South Carolina to rescue her husband, a confederate soldier, who was being held prisoner there. She snuck and lied her way into the prison and managed to rescue her husband and the others imprisoned there. Unfortunately for Melanie Lanier they were apprehended. She fired at the nearest guard, but the archaic weapon backfired in her hand.

A piece of shrapnel from the explosion lodged itself in her husband’s head, and therefore Melanie Lanier had accidentally killed her own husband in her effort to rescue him. She was then tried and hung in a black robe as a traitor on George’s Island on February 2, 1862. It is in this black robe that she is seen to this day in various ways about Fort Warren and George’s Island as a whole. Notes: After our visit to Fort Warren, the National Park Service staff who stay on the island tell us that the state records show that their are no records of this event ( if anyone finds anything anyplace about this .. please let us know!.

Story #2