1. The Salem Visitor Center
  2. The Old Salem Jail, still haunted by the angry spirits of tortured prisoners!
  3. The site of Salem’s most famous ghost’s demise, the field where Giles Corey was gruesomely pressed to death! Hope you do not see cursed Corey himself, the legend says when his ghost walks tragedy follows close behind!
  4. The real location of the Witch Dungeon where the accused where held before their hanging!
  5. The famous haunted Lyceum restaurant, located on the land where the first Witch Trials victim Bridget Bishop lived and her ghost still lingers, a site featured on Ghost Hunters!
  6. Photo Opportunity with the Statue of Samantha from Bewitched!
  7. The Joshua Ward House, the location where cruel Sheriff Corwin tortured his victims. Widely considered the most haunted home in the United States!
  8. The Old Town Hall. This is where we introduce you to weird vampire folklore and the even more shocking modern vampire culture!
  9. The Boston Strangler’s Salem Murder Site!
  10. The Police Station where Harry Houdini performed his greatest escape!
  11. The Old Burying Point Cemetery. The second oldest cemetery in the United States. Final resting place of Witch Trials Judge Hathorne, as well as a little girl who may have been buried alive! Extremely haunted. Many modern magic practitioners consider this cemetery a sacred place and use it’s graveyard dirt in rituals.