Hunted Location In New England

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  1. Maine
  2. Vermont
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Connecticut
  6. Rhode Island
  7. Lizzie Borden House (Fall River, Massachusetts) (Video Link to
  8. Hoosac Tunnel

  9. North Adams, Massachusetts nearly 5-mile-long tunnel was dug out of the mountains of western Massachusetts between 1851 and 1875. At the time it was the second-longest tunnel in the world, but there were many gruesome deaths and accidents associated with its construction. For more than 150 years people have regularly… (CAUTION !! – THE HOOSAC TUNNEL IS AN ACTIVE RAILROAD LINE.. STAY OUT OF THE TUNNEL AND WATCH  & LISTEN FOR TRAINS AT ALL TIMES..)

  10. Proctor’s Ledge Salem, Massachusetts

    Proctor’s Ledge was the true site of Salem hangings. It’s said that there is still a high psychic energy remaining since the hysteria ended. A note to anyone who investigates: the land is private property and located behind a series of houses; if you don’t get permission first, there is a strong…

(CAUTION !! Stay Off the Pro

  1. Fort Warren Hull, Massachusetts

Fort Warren on George’s Island (Boston Harbor), a pentagonal structure of stone and granite, was completed near the beginning of the Civil War and was decommissioned in 1947. It was named after Revolutionary War hero Dr. Joseph Warren, who sent Paul Revere on his well-known ride. The fort is haunted by a ghostly lady in black.

12.Omni Parker House Hotel Boston, Massachusetts

At this hotel, rumored to be haunted, witnesses claim that doors open and close by themselves, lights turn on and off, and apparitions of folks in old-time clothing have been spotted. Voices have been heard as well in the lobby, restaurant and… 

13. USS Salem Quincy, Massachusetts

This former Navy cruiser is now a museum ship and open to the public. The ship, in one of its duties, served as a hospital after the 1953 Ionian Earthquake, and many spirits from throughout the ship’s service are said to have lingered here. Ghost tours are offered regularly, a paranormal society is…

14. Longfellow’s Wayside Inn  Sudbury, Massachusetts

At this 1716 inn, it is said that a woman named Jerusha Howe lingers, especially in Rooms 7 and 9. She is said to have been unlucky in her love life, and therefore likes to touch male visitors. Author Henry W. Longfellow wrote a book about the inn in the 1860s, Tales of a Wayside….

15. Framingham State University Framingham, Massachusetts

At Framingham State University, visitors may hear ghostly laughter or feel cold spots, and orbs are often photographed at Horace Mann Hall. And in Peirce Hall, residents have awoken to find all the mirrors in the rooms have been stacked outside in the hallways, piled with the reflective sides…