Touring New Visits    The JFK Library & Museum

Exhibits and collection

Freedom 7, flown in 1961 by Alan Shepherd

to become the first American in space (formerly on display at the U.S. Naval Academy, now displayed at the Kennedy Library)

The library’s first floor features a museum containing video monitors, family photographs, political memorabilia. Visitors to the museum begin their visit by watching a film narrated by President Kennedy in one of two cinemas that show an orientation film, and a third shows a documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

There are seven permanent exhibits:[30]

The sailboat Victura and the exterior of the Library

Among the Library’s art collection is a 1962 portrait of Robert F. Kennedy by Lajos Markos,[40] a watercolor sketch of John F. Kennedy by Jamie Wyeth,[41] a watercolor painting of the White House painted by Jacqueline Kennedy and given as a gift to her husband, who had it hung in the Oval Office,[42] a fingerpainting by Caroline Kennedy as a child,[43] and a bust of John F. Kennedy sculpted by Felix de Weldon.[44]

Kennedy’s 25-foot Wianno Senior sailboat Victura is on display on the grounds of the Library from May to October. Acquired by the family when Kennedy was 15, it played an important role in forging sibling bonds and, after the president’s death, continued being sailed by other members of the family, especially race-enthusiast brother Ted.[45][46]

The Library has a variety of temporary and special exhibits.[47]