Touring New

New Video Series

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

  1. Steven and Mike tour the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain Mass  (0:55 mins)(April 2020)
  2. The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University (1:31 mins)

    Touring New visits The Blue Hills Observatory 2019

    1. Steven’s Visit to Blue Hills Reservation– (3:46 mins)
    2. Exploring the Blue Hills Observatory (1:07 mins)
    3. Blue Hills Observatory On top of Tower (3:20 mins)
    4. Blue Hills Observatory (0:47 mins)
    5. Panoramic Views From the Blue Hills Observatory (4:32 Mins)
    6. “Sky Warn” Amateur Radio Club at Blue Hills Observatory.(1:28 Mins)

    Touring New England Visits Framingham Mass

  1. Mike, From Touring New England Visits Framingham Mass 3/2020 -(0:39 mins
  2. Howard Street Development in Framingham Mass (0:24 mins)
  3. Visiting a Framingham Pizza Shop (0:16 mins)

The Stores along Assembly Mall.-Somerville Mass

  1. Touring New England Explores Somerville Mass (1:48mins)
  2. The Lego’s Store in Somerville Mass. (0:38 mins)
  3. Checking The Stores along Assembly Mall. (0:22 mins)
  4. The “Wich-Wich” Restaurant. (1:01 mins)
  5. Canada Geese at Winter Hill Park. (0:10 mins)
  6. The Geese and Swans….. (0:22 mins)
  7. The Swans on Mystic River, along Winter Hill Park Somerville Mass. (0:40 mins)
  8. Watching the Swans….

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority


  1. Mbta blue line at state street station
  2. MBTA Commuter Rail 5/4/2020
  3. Blueline MBTA subway at Revere Beach