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*Our New Video Series 8/1/20

Touring New

Presents our New Video Series

Touring New Visit Salem Massachusetts (The Halloween Town)

  1. The Nightmare Gallery in Salem (0:59 mins)
  2. Gallows Hill Museum in Salem Mass (1:19 mins)
  3. The Magic Parlor in Salem Mass. (1:59 mins)
  4. House of Seven Gables in Salem Mass (1:00 mins)
  5. Salem’s Statue of Nathaniel Hawthorn (0:47 mins)
  6. Visiting the Hamilton Hall in Salem Mass. June 2020 (0:57 MINS)

there are current some videos we are missing from this Salem trip

Touring New England Visits the Harvard Arnold Arboretum.

  1. Sun Flowers at the Arboretum (July 2020)
  2. Raspberries at Arnold Arboretum (July 2020)
  3. Trip to the Arnold Arboretum (July/2020)
  4. The Harvard Arnold Arboretum July 27, 2020
  5. The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University (1:31 mins)
  6. Steven and Mike tour the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain Mass  (0:55 mins)(April 2020)

Touring New Visits Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain, Ma

  1. Steven at Jamaica Pond. July 3/2020
  2. TNE Visits Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain, Ma (1:23 mins)
  3. Found a set of Famous staircase At Jamiaca Pond (1:10 mins)
  4. Steven Kayaking on Jamaica Pond July 2020

Touring New Visits Framingham Massachusetts

  1. Mike, From Touring New England Visits Framingham Mass 3/2020 -(0:39 mins
  2. Howard Street Development in Framingham Mass (0:24 mins)
  3. Visiting a Framingham Pizza Shop (0:16 mins)

Touring New Visits Somervalle Massachusetts

  1. Touring New England Explores Somerville Mass (1:48mins)
  2. The Lego’s Store in Somerville Mass. (0:38 mins)
  3. Checking The Stores along Assembly Mall. (0:22 mins)
  4. The “Wich-Wich” Restaurant. (1:01 mins)
  5. Canada Geese at Winter Hill Park. (0:10 mins)
  6. The Geese and Swans….. (0:22 mins)
  7. The Swans on Mystic River, along Winter Hill Park Somerville Mass. (0:40 mins)
  8. Watching the Swans…. (0:24 mins)

Touring New Visits Quincy Massachusetts

  2. Steven visits the Clam Bar Restaurant in Quincy (0:31 mins)
  3. visits Quincy MA (1:01 mins)
  4. United First church (Unitarian) (Quincy, Ma)
  5. Quincy, MA. 2019 Commons Christmas Tree Lighting-(1:04 Mins)
  6. Steve’s Announcement at Wal-Mart in Quincy Mass. (1:23 mins)

Touring New Visits Scusset Beach On the Cape Cod Ca

  1. Adventure To SCUSSET Beach 2018 (01:00 mins)
  2. Steve At Sagamore Bridge 2018 (01:25 mins)

Touring New Visits Longs Warf In Downtown Boston Massachusetts

  1. Visit To Longs Wharf 2018 (1:05 mins)
  2. Touring New England sails on Liberty Fleet Star (1:09 mins)
  3. Liberty Fleet Interview 2018 (12:15 mins)
  4. Liberty Crew Interview (1:13 mins)
  5. Boston Harbor Cruises Codzilla Interview (2:11 mins)
  6. BOSTON AQUARIUM (0:52 mins)
  7. New England Aquarium Outdoors Seal exhibit

Touring New Visits Revere Massachusetts

  1. International Sand Sculpting Festival – intro (0.50 mins)
  2. International Sand Sculpting Festival Interview (2:14 mins)
  3. The Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival Awards Presentation (24:00 mins)
  4. The Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival FireWorks (1:12 mins)
  5. Ice cream at the “Twist & Shake” in Revere Beach Mass (1:26mins)
  6. Fish and Chips at Nicks.. Revere Beach Mass (1:16 mins)


  1. Mbta blue line at state street station
  2. MBTA Commuter Rail 5/4/2020
  3. Blueline MBTA subway at Revere Beach
  4. Blueline MBTA subway at Revere Beach
  5. Mbta train at norwood station
  6. Mbta trip on orange line to Oak Grove –(2:36 mins)
  7. Mbta rail going to South station in Boston
  8. Guy singing in MBTA downtown station
  9. MBTA commuter @ Haymarket Station

Touring New visits The Blue Hills Observatory 2019

  1. Steven’s Visit to Blue Hills Reservation– (3:46 mins)
  2. Exploring the Blue Hills Observatory (1:07 mins)
  3. Blue Hills Observatory On top of Tower (3:20 mins)
  4. Blue Hills Observatory (0:47 mins)
  5. Panoramic Views From the Blue Hills Observatory (4:32 Mins)
  6. “Sky Warn” Amateur Radio Club at Blue Hills Observatory.(1:28 Mins)