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Please follow me on a awesome journey as I work towards getting my amateur radio technician license,

*9/22/2022 – Please note, I am Currently working on my Amateur Radio Technician Class License

I Currently belong to the Boston Amateur Radio Club

Amateur For Beginner’s

To Begin your start of Amateur radio, I suggest  you look for a local amateur radio club in the area where you live and then join it. You may start by using google search. Once you are a member of a amateur radio club ask fellow members if the club has beginner’s classes and ask around the club to see if anyone will teach you about this Awesome Hobby !

Want to get an Amateur Radio license or upgrade? Want to help others get licensed or teach using ham radio? Looking for public service training or serving as part of ARRL’s ARES field training team? You can even arrange an Amateur Radio contact for your students with the International Space Station! Click on the links below or on the left to learn more about ARRL’s licensing and education resources:


Why Should I Get Licensed?

Before you go on air, you need to be licensed and know the rules.

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What’s New?

The FCC question pool for Technician Class license examinations has been revised and is effective for exams conducted on or after July 1, 2022.
Study materials are available through the ARRL store

Find a ham radio exam session in your area or take the exam online. In-person and online tests are given regularly. Register with an ARRL VEC team for your exam and receive your license in 24 to 48 hours.  Search for exam teams.     

The $35 application fee, when it becomes effective on April 19, will apply to new, renewal, rule waiver, and modification applications that request a new vanity call sign. The fee will be per application. Other types of applications filing are exempt from the fees. Visit the FCC Application Fees page for detailed information and instructions.  

The links below will get you started… 73’s and good luck!

For Links For For Beginners New To Amateur Radio

Boston Amateur Radio Club

Gordon West WB6NOA Website

American Radio Relay League

U.S.A. Amateur Grid Square Map


YouTube Video’s For Beginner’s

YouTube Video -ARRL- What is Ham Radio

YouTube Video-HAM Radio Crash Course INTRO – WHY RADIO?

YouTube Videos -ARRL – Amateur radio – A 21st Century hobby

FCC Universal Licensing System

Fcc Rules & Regulations for Title 47

U.S.A. Amateur Band Plan – Updated 2020




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