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As the colder weather is upon us, we at Touring New England are looking forward to the upcoming Winter months.  Halloween has come and gone. We hope everyone had a safe holiday. On a trip on the MBTA orange line .. I spotted the new Orange line cars parked in the maintenance yard, looking like they are ready to be placed in service but also in news reports the green line is getting new cars too and they will be placed in service soon

copy of news report below

BOSTON, MA — The future of the Green Line is here. For the first time in nearly a decade, a new rail car will take to the tracks and pick up passengers Friday. 

The first of 24 new Green Line cars will be introduced to the fleet and enters passenger service at North Station. By next fall the other 23 new cars will also go into service.

It's part of an multi-million dollar MBTA makeover "to improve reliability, capacity, maintainability, safety, andThe new cars come as the MBTA works to upgrade signal and other core infrastructure for all branches of the T and has started construction on the 4.7 mile Green Line Extension project.

Under a $118 million contract with the MBTA, CAF USA is manufacturing and delivering the "low-floor" light rail vehicles for the Green Line. The cars are coming from Spain where they manufacture the shells and frames and final assembly and testing happens at its manufacturing plant located in Elmira, NY. comfort," according to MassDOT. How are they different from the current cars? Look for better access to priority seating, fancy sliding doors to help boarding, LCD destination monitors, more speakers, and more room.

The new futuristic trains will look much like the current Green Line trains on the outside but they'll have video screens and special sensors to count passengers on the inside.

They'll also be outfitted with the U.S.'s first Crash Energy Management Structural Design on a light rail vehicle, better braking equipment, thicker wheels, and dual auxiliary power systems.
There will be bridge plates inside, more priority seating, door locator tones, LCD destination monitors, interior destination signage, and increased speakers. Safety enhancements include CCTV monitors, yellow grab railings, push-button stop-request functionality, and rear-view mirror monitors for Green Line operators.

It's part of the $963.7 million multi-phased Green Line Transformation Program, that also is tackling track replacement and signal upgrades to the D branch. 

End of news report


So the Mbta is really moving along with the building of new rail cars for boston. 


NOW BACK TO Steven redline cars are be built in near by Springfield Massachusetts in a new building built to build the new cars for Boston. if you would like more info about this check out the link below:


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