Updated October 13, 2021

October  13, 2021

Hello Everyone,

we have been busy making new videos for you lately with a trip to The Boston Harbor  Islands, (currently being edited) and at the end of October on the 30th. we will be taking a trip to Salem Massachusetts to visit. If you See us stop by and Say Hello !!

June 28,2021

Hello Everyone,

TouringNewEngland.org has been doing as much as we can during the time of Covid-19, we are still making new videos and going to new places this year, if you dont know hopeful sometime in the near future we are trying to go to more places out side of the home living reaching area, we mostly use Public Transit to go to the filming locations. There are a few times where we have rented a car to go to the Berkshires of Massachusetts, like our visit to the Hoosic Tunnel video.

Still there are alot of places we still have that we wish to film and visit, and with the Covid-19 restrictions now beling lifted it will become more easy to go visit these locations. We hope that before winter 2021 hits us here in new england to get alot more locations filmed and edited. If you have any locations you would like us to visit please send us an email.

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May 24, 2021

Hello Everyone,

Here we are in spring, the birds and the bees are buzzing and we are off to start our 5th year of production, we are so excited about this year and we want to bring you to some new awesome places 

April 1, 2020 (About Website – Site Website ReLaunched)

We moved our website from GoDaddy.com to Siteground.com

May 7, 2020 Updates to Website

Our website is still being worked on and still adding information to it … PLEASE DON’T MIND OUR MESS

June 3, 2020 Updated on Website

1. website online webcam are online. if anyone finds one off and not working please let me know .. i do try to work on finding more new England live webcams as the become available… if you know of a webcam i dont have please email me so i can add it to the list of webcamera for others to enjoy.

2. i have been working on the online menus and adjusting the menus for easy navigation.. please send me feedback if you have any ideas for the website itself

June 13, 2020

we are now making new videos and visiting some new places, mike has upload a few new videos to his youtube channel that he did with me and i will be putting them up here on our website today… we hope you enjoy !

October 24, 2020

 We changed the theme of the page due to problems with pictures that I was not able to change due to the change in each season like I wanted in the frist place, there will be other great changes to come to make this site even better then the last so please stay tuned!

November 9, 2020

New Google Group Added

April 1, 2017

We are officially in our first season of filming and are hard at work editting the footage. We hope to have something up shortly.

May 30 2017 (Website Launched)

Website Officially launched put on World Wide Web.

June 5, 2017 (Website Problems Update)

1. The Webmaster knows that there are problems with the email links.

If you copy and paste the address to your email, you should be okay.

2. We are currently having trouble with our video editor,

but we will have it up and running soon. Sorry for the inconvience.

June/25/2017  (Post from Webmaster)

  • New Message Forum added… Hope you Post and Enjoy

6/23/2017 (About New Sponsor)

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June 22,2017 (Post from Webmaster)

  • Its Been Reported that my Email links have been working right, I  have now repaired them and they are now working  correctly

(Thank You MR. LYNCH for reporting this error to me !!)

June 19,2017 (Sail Boston 2017)

  • Today the cast and crew with Special Guest Ande Johnson, visited and filmed

Sail Boston 2017.

”  We took great pictures and videos of the event from one of the Boats, which took us on a 1 1/2 tour of the tall ships around the Boston waterfront.       THANK YOU MR. ANDE JOHNSON !!!! 

June 17,2017 (Post from Webmaster)

Website changes are being made almost each day

and problems are being fixed please bear with us..

 June 9,2017  Franklin Park Zoo

Mike and I visited the Franklin Park Zoo

today. We had a great time. THANK YOU to all the Great Staff for the hard work they do. The food at the snack bar was great. You got to try the extra large hot dogs and french fries. They were done to perfection. 

More To Come, We’re Still Writing Our Story!