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Touring New England Videos Playlist

Our Newest Adventure

Wilbur’s Chocolate Of Freeport Main


Our Sixth Season- 2022 Touring New England Videos Playlist- Updated 4/18/2022

  1. Checking Out Dunkin Donuts in Maine (1/2/2022)
  2. Guitar Bear playing at MBTA Park Street Redline Station (1/7/2022)
  3. Reporting from Quincy Ma for Boston first snowstorm of 2022 (1/8/2022)
  4. JAHO COFFEE BOSTON 2022 (1/29/2022)
  5. Flaming Grill & Buffet 2022 (1/29/2022)
  6. Boston Snowstorm 2022 (1/15/2022)
  7. A Visit to Wilbur’s Chocolate of Freeport Maine (2/14/2022)
  8. Mello Chillin at Home (2/16/2022)
  10. Freeport Maine Adventures Part 2  (2/24/2022)
  11. LL Bean’s Winter Gear Video (2/25/2022)
  12. Levi’s of Freeport Maine (3/1/2022)
  14. Home Depot Visit (NEW 4/13/22)
  15. – Night on the Town (NEW 4/3/2022)

2021 Season Five -Touring New England Videos Playlist

  1. Freeport Maine Adventure 12/21/2021
  2. A visit to Boston Public Market (interview with Harvard University Students and a guy from Brazil)  (12/28/2021)
  3. Steven having lunch at Sullivan’s restaurant. (12/22/2021) (0:44 MINS)
  4. Ideal Cafe and Pizza – visits the best pizza shop in Jamaica Plain
  5. Visiting The Boston Public Garden 
  6. Adventure to Bearskin Neck (o7:53 mins)
  7. A Berkshire Moment. Nature at it’s Best!(0:48 mins) 4/30/21
  8. Lee Premium Outlet (0:17 mins)( 4/30/21)
  9. Laurel Lake in Lee Mass (0:23 mins) 4/30/21
  10. Steven visits Lee Mass (0:29 mins) 4/30/21
  11. Boston Duck Boat Minute -(0:22 Mins) 3/1/2021
  12. Steven’s Public Service Announcement – (0:41 Mins) 3/1/2021
  13. Staying At Train Master’s Inn  -(1:07 mins) 2/12/2021
  14. New MBTA Redline Train – (0:50 mins) 1/14/2021

2020 Season Four – Touring New England Videos Playlist

    1. Steven Outside the Union Oyster House in Boston . Dec 30, 2020 (0:52 mins)
    2. Steven Visits the Union Oyster House in Boston-Dec 30, 2020 (0:37 mins)
    3. Union Oyster House Boston   –   Dec 25,2020 (0:52 mins)
    4. Checking out Walbergs at the Southbay Mall Dorchester Mass (0:35mins)
    5. Checking out Dunkin Donuts new coffee flavors. 12/9/2020 (0:54 mins)
    6. Boston Common Christmas Tree Display (12/9/2020) (2:24 mins)
    7. Lunch at Kelly’s Restaurant 12/4/2020 (0:49 Mins)
    8. Take Me out To the Ball Game, Buy me some peaunts…  (Feb 13,2020)  (0:21 mins)
    9. Boston Museum of Science Exhibit . Sep 23, 2020 (0:31 mins)
    10. “Garden Walk” Exhibit at Boston Museum of Science 2020 (4:02 Mins)
    11. Mike, From Touring New England Visits Framingham Mass 3/2020 -(0:39 mins
    12. Howard Street Development in Framingham Mass (0:24 mins)
    13. Visiting a Framingham Pizza Shop  (0:16 mins)
    14. The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University  (1:31 mins)
    15. Steven and Mike tour the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain Mass  (0:55 mins)(April 2020)
    16. Trip to the South shore Mall in Braintree Ma. (0:41 mins)
    17. Day Trip on the Greenline to Riverside Station  (0:54 mins)
    18. TNE Visits Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain, Ma  (1:23 mins)
    19.  Found a set of Famous staircase At Jamiaca Pond (1:10 mins)
    20. Touring New England Explores Somerville Mass  (1:48mins)
    21. The Lego’s Store in Somerville Mass. (0:38 mins)
    22. Checking The Stores along Assembly Mall . (0:22 mins)
    23. The “Wich-Wich” Restaurant. (1:01 mins)
    24. Canada Geese at Winter Hill Park. (0:10 mins)
    25.  The Geese and Swans….. (0:22 mins)
    26.  The Swans on Mystic River, along Winter Hill Park Somerville Mass. (0:40 mins)
    27. Watching the Swans…. (0:24 mins)
    28. Steven Exploring Massachusetts Water Museum. (0:48 mins)
    29. Steven at Jamaica Pond. July 3/2020   (1:38 mins)
    30. Steven Kayaking on Jamaica Pond July 2020  (1:46 mins)
    31.  Harvard Square called “& Pizza” (0:29 mins)

2020 Halloween Special

Our Trip To Salem Massachusetts

    1. Proctor’s Ledge Salem
    2. Steven Being Punished in Salem, Mass. 1620 Style.
    3. Pioneer Village in Salem Mass.
    4. Friendly Witch in Salem
    5. Unknown Creature roaming the streets of Salem
    6. Adam’s Family In Salem Mass 2020
    7. Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery
    8. Salem Wax Museum
    9. Charter Street Cemetery
    10. Steven Chatting With a Friend.
    11. “Hocus Pocus” Max and Dani Movie Home
    12. Salem Witch Dungeon Museum
    13. Quaker Cemetery, Salem Mass.
    14. Witch Memorial, Salem Center
    15. The Witch House, Salem Mass.
    16. Witch’s Dungeon, Salem Mass.
    17. Hamilton Hall, Salem Mass.
    18. Salem’s Statue of Nathaniel Hawthorn
    19.  House of Seven Gables in Salem Mass

2019 Season Three-Touring New England Videos Playlist

 Special Music Video 2019

  1. Best Not Broken “Kids” (Official Video)  (3:44 min)                                                                                                                           *Boston Band puts Mike and Steven in their Music Video