Visit New England

New England – the Birthplace of America – is filled with outdoor adventures, rich history, cultural attractions, fascinating cities, scenic villages — along with delightful food and superb shopping at every turn. Discover brilliant fall foliage, expansive lakes, white sand beaches, lighthouses, panoramic mountain views, and restaurants with delicious seafood chowder, lobster, and blueberry pie.  In New England, you’ll find a wealth of diverse travel experiences within
just a few hour’s drive from Boston’s Logan International Airport.

During the 4 seasons

  • Fall (Autumn)

New England begins in late September and ends in late December, it marks the transition from summer to winter and know for it’s vibrant colors and picturesque beauty – September and October are the best months to visit, but depending on what exact area you’re visiting the trees can quickly change from fiery red to the barren in a matter of days. By  keep in  mind these leaf- peeping tips for your New England excursion, you’re sure to experience the magic of fall in the Northeast

  • Spring

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  • Summer

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  • Winter

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